PlayStation Partners with Shadowfall Studios on New RPG

PlayStation Partners with Shadowfall Studios on New RPG

PlayStation has teamed up with the Istanbul-based Shadowfall Studios to develop a new RPG similar to Skyrim. This marks PlayStation’s significant venture into the RPG genre.

Shadowfall Studios, a relatively new developer, is currently working on Project Daeron. This game features a hybrid combat system combining melee and magic-based attacks. Players can craft various spells through a unique rune crafting system. The game’s narrative is based on Turkic mythology, providing a fresh perspective compared to the often-used Greek and Norse mythologies.

PlayStation Partners with Shadowfall Studios on New RPG

Interestingly, Project Daeron has a villain protagonist, deviating from the typical hero-centric stories. The game is designed for a co-op experience, with unexpected twists, encounters with shamans, and gods that likely serve as boss fights.

PlayStation’s move to develop an Elder Scrolls-like series is notable, especially with Elder Scrolls 6 not expected until 2026. The anticipation for Project Daeron is high, though an official announcement might take time as the project is in its early stages. Fans may see updates at upcoming PlayStation partner events throughout the year.

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