Marvel's Midnight Suns "Darkness Falls" Trailer Revealed 1

New Marvel’s Midnight Suns Trailer Highlights Doctor Strange’s Mystic Arts

Behold the mystical power of the Sorcerer Supreme! The latest trailer for Firaxis’ upcoming tactical Marvel RPG, Marvel’s Midnight Suns, puts Doctor Strange — this particular iteration of Stephen Strange looks nothing like the MCU’s Benedict Cumberbatch — into the spotlight, giving us our first look at his masterful manipulation of the mystic arts.

Time, space and reality are Strange’s plaything, as seen in the gameplay trailer below. Unleash spectral tornadoes, multiple searing suns, and more as this mighty Marvel hero. Obviously, Doctor Strange will make for a formidable opponent to the Hydra-resurrected Mother of Demons, Lilith, and her hellish forces and a powerful ally for the player-created Hunter.

Marvel’s Midnight Suns releases on October 7th for PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S.

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